World Vision Trip to Ghana

Eight Wellspring representatives, including HUMC members Eileen & Dennis Bolton and Carol & Carl Wall, spent a full week in northern Ghana on a World Vision trip in March of 2014.  The trip focused on the benefits these African people have received as a result of getting a clean water well, primarily from Wellspring donors.  

Six different communities were visited where clean water had become available to them within the last three years.  The overall joy, adoration and gratitude of each community extended to the Wellspring visitors was truly incredible.  As they shared their stories about life before and after the well, many villagers would use the phrase, “Water Is Life”.  Eliminating contaminated water from their daily use simply transforms all phases of their lives.  Their overall vitality dramatically changes, in part because they are not fighting off diseases on a continual basis.  This is especially true for the children, where the child mortality rate drops in half with clean water.  

Young girls go to school instead of carrying water most of the day and the older women have time and energy to care for the household needs or operate a small business when they do not have to carry water twice a day.  With a clean water well, their animals stay near their owners in the 7-month dry season instead of wandering off to find water.  Also, those animals are much healthier and therefore provide a better price at market.  The benefits of clean water could be seen at every phase of their lives.

A community without any clean water was also visited by the Wellspring group.  A well had been attempted within the community, but toxic chemicals made it impossible to use the water.  Everything we observed about this community reminded us of the importance of the Wellspring mission of bringing clean water to the world.  We all left so wishing we could help these people with whom we spent a morning, realizing that 780 million other people are just like this little community in northern Ghana.  Great progress is being made, yet great work remains to be done in order to bring people currently drinking dirty water this most basic element of life, clean water.